A Berlin Summer Bucket List

Summer is here. It’s been here a while. Or, at least, I’ve been acting like it’s been here for a while, walking around in summer dresses and big hats and sunglasses, fanning myself with my hand and sweating and complaining about the heat all the while trying not to acknowledge that it’s really only 19 degrees. Back in May, I insisted that A. and I sit in the park with beers after work one day, because, ‘this is what people do in Berlin in summer’, which is true, except that it was also true that whilst it had been a sunny 20 degrees at work at 4pm, by 7pm in the ‘Park-of-No-Sun’, it had dipped to a chilly 14 – 16 degrees and my summer evening made my hands go purple. A. pointed out that, except the people in shorts playing football, everyone else in the park was wearing winter jackets and perhaps I should have paid more attention to them. Smug bastard.

Anywho, it genuinely is summer now (I’ve been sunburnt, really, it’s here) and I’ve been so excited about it for so long, I’m now worried that it’s going too quickly and I’m wasting it and it will be miserable winter again before I know it.

As such, I thought I would write down the most important things I want to do in Berlin in summer before the weather turns.

1) Drink beers in the park until the sun goes down at 10pm (and not get purple hands)

2) Drink beers in a beanbag and/or hammock at a bar on the Spree

3) Despite viscous rumours that there may be eels, I want to go swimming at Wannsee or Nikolasee or any of the various other Sees surrounding Berlin.

4) Go on a bike tour to the outside of Berlin and eat strawberries by the side of the road.

5) Cycle to Leipzig

6) Walk around Strausberg

7) Do all 20 Green Hikes advertised on the Berlin.de website (one completed, nineteen to go)

8) Go kayaking at Wannsee

9) Go kayaking at Treptower

10) Go rollerblading at Templehof

11) Have a proper BBQ at one of the smokey, hazy, congested Grillplatzes scattered across the parks of Berlin

12) Go to the open-air cinema

13) Spend a day reading/writing at the very tops of the giant climbing frame behind Yorckstrasse (and chasing away every single child that dares trespass on my reverie). Staying there until the stars come out.

14) Paddleboat!

15) Go to Spandau (and do some ballet?)

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Also, eating much ice-cream and laying in the sun (with sunscreen on) and generally being blissful and peaceful and stuff.


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