What to Do When it All Goes Horribly, Inexplicably, Ridiculously and Unexpectedly ‘To Shit’.

1. Work Hard. Work Harder.

2. Spend less time with memes. Spend more time with friends.

3. Go Running. Run Harder. Run Faster. Fucking Sweat.

4. Cry. Then stop crying.

5. Hang out with a dog.

6. Hang out with a cat.

7. Hang out with a kid.

8. Stop dreaming. Start doing.

9. Walk for hours. Don’t try and figure out where you’re going. Just go there.

10. Have a shower.

11. Have a pot of tea.

12. Leave your room.

13. Sleep at the right time and get out of bed at the right time.

14. Write something.

15. Wear something that feels nice.

16. Dance. Dance badly.

17. Go to an art gallery.

18. Sing. Sing badly.

19. Go somewhere that’s up high (don’t jump).

20. Hold onto someone. Hold onto someone’s hand.


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