Almost Edinburgh

You know what today is? Today is the last day I’m in London. Today is simply a day I am not in Edinburgh. That’s all today is. That’s all this week has been. ‘Days-I-have-not-yet-been-in-Edinburgh’.

I am, in equal measure, excited and terrified about what is about to happen next week. I have no illusions. I know its going to be a hard slog. I know I’m going to have little-to-no-audience. I know I’m going to find flyering difficult. And, yet. I’m really, really dreadfully excited. Its probably because a) Deep down I’m a cock-eyed optimist and whilst I’d never want to say this to anyone in person, there is a side of me that’s going, ‘Imagine what it would be like if I became the unexpected STAR of Edinburgh? Imagine what it would be like if in a month’s time, MY LIFE HAD CHANGED IRREVOCABLY?’ And then I’m all:

Rainbow Happy

for at least half an hour.

I think also b) I’m looking forward to getting out of London and having a bit of a change, meeting new people all of whom share my interests and passions. I like those people. I know I exist in a happy little rainbow bubble where everyone is like me, but, well, sometimes its just nice to be in those bubbles. Sometimes its comforting. Leave me alone intercultural-happy lefty idealists let me live in my upper-middle class white artist ghetto for a bit.

c) I just really like Edinburgh. And I like that I’m going to spend 4 and a half hours on a train to get there. I really like trains. Have I told you that before? I LOVE trains. I love that you can’t do ANYTHING on trains. This is also the basis for my passion for planes as well. People call you up and either they can’t get you on the phone and you’re all, ‘Oh, sorry, I’m on a train/plane. I’ll have to deal with that at a point when I am in the real world. Right now I am existing in a parallel universe where chores and tasks DO NOT EXIST.’ I liked both things better when I couldn’t get the internet on them, but, hey. This is the life I think I will have to get used to. Trains are better because you can see the scenery better and you don’t have to look at the scenery half in a, ‘oh isn’t that pretty’ kind of way and half in a, ‘oh, I do hope it doesn’t get very close to me at a very fast rate’ kind of way (though after Spain and all that happened there yesterday, perhaps I’ll feel differently tomorrow).

Anyways. That is all in the future. Future posts to be written about all those exciting things. Right now, its about the past and what I did then.


Tuesday is a boring day. Exciting new things don’t happen on Tuesdays. Except for impromptu Clapham Common drinking picnics with your workmates that involve playing soccer and singing (half the words of) ‘American Pie’ to a guitar . They happen on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are the best days.


Ok, so actually, Wednesdays are boring days. Exciting things don’t happen on Wednesdays. Oh! I got a gift from a project I crowdfunded in Ireland in 2011 (!!) It was a little video with stories from around Dublin. The idea is that these stories will make up original tours around Dublin delivered to your phone via an app. Its a cute idea. I would like to see the app. The characters they have on the DVD are very Dublin. It made me nostalgic.


Thursday is a day for cleaning. Cleaning all the things. I washed rugs and sofa pillowcases and sofa covers and throws. Why did I do this? Because I found the 5th flea in our house over 3 weeks. And we all decided that washing EVERYTHING was the way to go. This might unnerve you, but I have never washed rugs or sofa throws or sofa pillows before. It seems like a very adult responsible thing to do. You know, to notice that a communal item requires cleaning and taking that task on board. I’ve lived most of my life attempting to avoid noticing this sort of thing. Well, that’s not entirely fair. I just was never quite aware that that was a thing that you could do for furniture. Sure, I saw ladies in 19th century movies batting their rugs to get the dust off them, but I just assumed that was something you only really did for 19th century rugs. You know, because 21st century rugs have dust-repelling technology built into them so its just not actually necessary to clean them anymore. Right?

You’re all really glad you didn’t house-share with me in uni now, aren’t you?


Today I saw the latest instalment in the Before… series (‘Before Sunrise’, ‘Before Sunset’ and now ‘Before Midnight’). I was going to write ‘final’, but I kind of don’t want it to be the final instalment. I kind of hope they keep re-visiting these characters every 9 years. My friend and I had very different reactions to the movie. I was hysterically happy at the end, she was devastated (we both still cried though). Like the two movies before, the ending is open so you the audience can very much make their own decision about what happens next (until they make another instalment and take the openness out of it). So, I think we latched on to different thing – me to hope, her to despair. That said, I’ve also been in an incredibly angry, shitty, ‘the-world-is-crap-and-owes-me’ mood the last little while and I think seeing a version of that up on screen made me feel just a tiny bit vindicated – ‘See? The world is crap! I said so myself! But you can still be a little bit happy anyway, if you don’t think about it too much.’


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