Suspicious Behaviour.

I was so bored waiting for the bus last night, that I started scratching off the graffiti on the bus stop with my Oyster card. It was strangely cathartic, in a manic, obsessive-compulsive kind of way. So, I continued to do it, scratching, scratching, scratching at high speed.

Whilst I was absorbed in that, I heard a conversation going on behind me. A little girl was reading one of the terrorist signs that are up all over major cities these days, ‘If you see something suspicious, say something.’

The little girl asked her mother, ‘Is suspicious something weird?’

Her mother replied, ‘It’s like, something dodgy.’

There was a pause. Then the daughter dropped her voice. ‘Is the scratching lady suspicious? Do we need to report her?’

Excellent. Am social outcast and possibly terrorist. All because the bus was late and my iPod ran out of battery.


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