More (boring) New Things

I’m must really be pissing off you guys who get these posts delivered straight to your email. ‘Oh, yay!’ You’ll think as you log in. ‘I’ve got 10 emails!’ Then your heart will sink. ‘Oh, no. Its just 10 more posts from that girl on oh!theplacesyou’ Goddamn it, for a second there I thought people loved me.’

To which I have nothing to say except, I’m sorry to be spamming you. Or, I’m sorry that you spammed yourselves by signing up to this blog. Or, I’m sorry that you signed up to this website just as I decided on my INSANE 29 plan.

Don’t worry, you can ignore this one. Alright? This one is just for my own benefit. I’ll let you know by some secret signal which ones you can ignore and which ones you should read. Ummm… Ok! I have it. Any post that has days of the week in the title? That’s a BORING post. Also, any post that as ‘New Things’ in the title? Also, boring. IGNORE. Anything with a title that sounds in anyway interesting – IGNORE AT YOUR OWN PERIL. Well. Not that I’m actually going to do anything to you. But… you might miss out on something that you would like to read. And that would be sad. For you, I mean. I’m always thinking of you. Really, I am.

If you’re still here (why are you still here?) here are my ‘new’ things for yesterday and today:


I went to this bar:

I went with a friend to hear her friend sing. It was good fun, despite the fact that I arrived 45 minutes late because of the NIGHTMARE that was public transport yesterday afternoon (No Northern line! Traffic backed up from Knightsbridge to Hyde Park!)


I manage to work all day from my bed! I worked really hard too. I made video blogs, I updated my website, I wrote hundreds of press releases (that may be an exaggeration). I rewrote some of my (slightly racist) play, I read some things online for the same play (in order to make it less racist), I ordered books that I can read for my play (so I definitely won’t be racist). On a personal level, I dyed my hair, made all of my meals, did the dishes and also re-glued several pairs of shoes. It was a HIGHLY productive day. I have this idea that I’m less productive at home than I am somewhere else, but I don’t think that’s true. What is true is that I am less productive IN FRONT OF THE TV than I am anywhere else. And this is something that is very easily fixed by simply NOT going into the TV room. I still managed to watch Mary and Max in my moments off (it’s BEAUTIFUL. It’s SAD. It’s PROFOUND. YOU SHOULD WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY. IT SHOULD PROBABLY HAVE BEEN MY ‘NEW THING’ FOR THE DAY. OOPS).


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