More Things

God this blogging thing is hard.

Correction: God this regular blogging thing is hard.

Correction: This stupid 29 plan is really a pain in my rear-end.

And, yet, I’m not going to give up. No, indeed. Because, I realise that everything will be much easier when I am back home and not as much is going on and I can do discernible, identifiable ‘new’ things every day and then report on them. Right now, in Alaska, when so much is happening (and much of it is new-ish), everything’s just a little overwhelming.

Also, I drank a lot last night. So, that’s not helping.

Alright, let’s get this over with.

1) Ate Sweet Potato Chips

These are a THING over here in the USA. And, just to make them even sweeter (Americans seem to be very enthusiastic about making things even sweeter), they were dusted with icing sugar. ICING SUGAR! And then I put ketchup on them! WHAT THE WHAT? (Which, by the way, is my new favourite phrase. I think it may be about a decade out of date, but, that’s my style. I only follow fads 10 years later when it’s ironic)

2) Enjoyed a Zombie play

A few of my friends are really enthusiastic zombie fans. They love zombie movies, they love zombie interactive theatre. They love zombie garden gnomes. They just love zombies, which I have always found a little weird, because, really, how is it possible to love something that wants to eat your brains? Surely that is the definition of a self-destructive relationship.

Anyways, I have never understood the zombie thing. But, on Tuesday night, a play was presented at the conference which combined 1950s family sitcoms with time-travel with nuclear war with zombies and suddenly I was like, this is the best thing ever. I mean, it was a pretty tame zombie play – not much blood and guts – and the play could have stood to be trimmed a little, but, overall, it was a highly enjoyable experience. So, yeah! Zombies! Yay!

3) Sat on a bench and looked at the view

Ok, so, clearly I have done this before. But, I haven’t done this in Alaska before! I was so busy with the conference last year that I hardly had time to feed and bathe myself, let alone sit on stupid benches and look at stupidly beautiful mountains. But, yesterday, I saw a very good play in the afternoon and felt like being quiet and anti-social for a while (I know you won’t believe me, but sometimes it happens), so I went and sat on a bench, by myself, and looked at the mountains. It was very peaceful. It was very beautiful. The only thing that detracted from the experience was the glaring sun bouncing off the snow (and I had no sunglasses) and the group of teenagers hanging around at the next corner, who clearly thought they owned the bench and were very, very, very annoyed about me sitting there (hey, kids, you’re not talking as quietly as you think you are).

But, yes, it was a delightful 20 minutes of quiet and peace and sobriety before what turned into a fairly messy evening on a cruise boat. There was much Lonely Island singing, Dory-style whale-language and Rose-Jack-Titanic impressions, for which I can only say, ‘I’m sorry, Valdez. I’m sorry.’

But, really, what did they expect? It is the last year of my twenties.


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