Good, Better, Best

I’ve been slightly obsessed with negative things recently and I do apologise. I mean, I do use this blog as a kind of therapy substitute (much cheaper, of course, but slightly less privacy), so I do tend to write a lot about the things that are worrying me. Plus, the things that are worrying me are generally more amusing than the things that are making me happy (not always, of course, and there is a line). But, there has been too many people who have started conversations with me recently with, ‘So, you’re unhappy?’ Or, ‘So, what’s wrong?’ Or, you know, people at work sitting me down and asking me if ‘anything has happened’ which would be making me look so tired/miserable/sick.

Of course the weather is not helping. And I know I have been moaning about the weather almost incessantly (I’m becoming more and more British, clearly), but you don’t understand what its like to have seen the sun for two days out of 39. And for it to be snowing in April. Well, maybe you do, but I’m assuming you don’t. You just barely make it emotionally through the months to March and then you think, ‘its all going to be ok from here on in’ and you adjust your thinking accordingly and then SUDDENLY the weather gets worse than it was in winter. And suddenly you don’t know how to deal with it anymore, BECAUSE IT WAS MEANT TO BE SPRING BY NOW.

But, I really should stop complaining, because it is sunny outside now and it *might* continue to be so. In fact, we might get temperatures in the double digits tomorrow. Which means it is time to focus on the positive! Herewith, a list of the things that I am happy about in life right now:


1. Today, it is sunny.

2. Cocktails in a cellar decorated with owls.

3. Watching the tube as it first comes round the bend and out of the tunnel – lights illuminating the tracks ahead of it.

4. Piles of gorgeous summer dresses bought from charity shops with my Irish friend.

5. Going to Brighton and eating Thai food.

6. Banoffee Pie.

7. Red floral sheets and red curtains.

8. Hot Power Yoga (really).


1. Pretending to be a KGB agent hunting down a CIA boss in the streets of night-time Brighton. Having other people also participate.

2. Finishing my hand-knitted scarf. Even if its dimensions are a little out of whack. ESPECIALLY because its dimensions are a little out of whack.

3. The upper storeys of the Alexandria Hotel in Clapham Common (which I can’t find a picture of, so you are just going to have to take my word for. Or come visit me).

4. Hot water bottle at night.

5. Seeing theatre in empty warehouses. Even though its freezing. Even though I may have caught a cold.

6. Having Saturday off.


1. Swimming at the pool at 3pm during the school holidays. No school swimming lessons. No adults doing laps. One entire lane to myself.

2. Helping a Danish lady try and locate her lost wallet. After an hour, we hadn’t found it, but she still hugged me tightly afterwards.

3. Erin sent me a book called, ‘You are Good at Things’. I don’t even need to read it, I can just look at the cover.

4.Planning trips to Morocco.

5. Listening to a softly-spoken Glaswegian woman complain about her London-based son who is refusing to move home to Scotland because its always sunny in the big city. Listening to her planning to arrive at Heathrow wearing sunglasses and sunscreen.

6. A golden retriever seated next to me in Caffe Nero, waiting for its owner.

A whole 20 happy things. I’ll work on it some more this afternoon.



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