About Poems by Evan X Hyde

I found this outside the Southbank Centre in August, attached to the fence. It was part of a collection of poems written by poets from around the world that had come to the Southbank Centre to be part of Poetry Parnassus.

This is one of the reasons I like London.

Unexpected poetry:


We didn’t know

no better

we was small

we was slaves

so they said

we they said

will teach you

about poems

poems is like this

trees by Joyce Kilmer

God can make a tree

poems by a fool like me

poems is like this

they have to rhyme

in every line

and every time

poems must be nice

so we tried to write poems

while we was still small

and was slaves

and we was slaves

and they said good, that’s poems

but after we get big

and fight for freedom

and write

the way we feel

hunger in the eyelashes

of our eyes

and hatred give us fever

they said NO

those is not poems

they is hatred

they is violence

they is not nice

neither proper

nor correct

most uncourteous

so we said all right

it’s not poems


AMANDALA they said

what’s that?

and we said

it’s what we call poems by men like me

God can still make a tree


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