It’s the Little Things

I’ve been particularly slack about posting the past few weeks. I blame the time of year. It does seem that the weeks leading up to Christmas run by that much quicker. Then, we’ll hit the 1st of January and everything will go back to a snail’s pace, before picking up again sometime around March when the sun and the warmth comes back.

But, also, there’s not been much of substance I can think of to stretch out into a blog post. So, in place of an actual post, with stories, jokes and lessons learnt, I offer you this list of things that I have found oddly satisfying in the past few weeks:

* Perfectly and tightly rolled restaurant napkins placed into a high pyramid tower that doesn’t fall over when you move it into the cupboard.

* Really, truly hot water to polish cutlery with. A bucket of cutlery completely polished and organised. Getting a real shine on a polished knife or a steak knife (impossible to achieve on a fork or spoon).

* Seeing an English woman with an Australia Post package on her table at the pub.

* Two adorable twins with big, blue eyes crawling all over the restaurant floor one afternoon.

* One of the ponds in the Common freeing over for a couple of days during a cold snap and the poor birds walking confusedly over it, pecking at the ice. One poor goose attempted to sit down on the ice to swim about on the pool as it would normally do and being confused as to why its legs were squished up underneath its belly and not going into the water in the way as usual.

* Christmas carols at work, at the shops, whilst writing, on the tube, EVERYWHERE.

* A chocolate festival at Southbank Centre

* ‘Freezing Fog’, which is mist, but more beautiful. It moves slower. Like, tiny hanging crystals. Very Christmass-y. But very cold.


* Perfectly foamed milk.

* Making Irish Coffees (I am the self-declared Queen of Liqueur Coffees at work). Also pouring Guinness. Everyone should drink Guinness. Just so I can pour it for them. The most beautiful drink in the world.

* Brussel Sprouts are back in the stores (why did they ever leave?? Little green balls of happiness).

* Eating salted-caramel popcorn with a knife and fork. Eating an ice-cream sandwich with my fingers.

* Visiting and writing in the member’s cafe at the Tate Modern. What. A. View.

* Knee-high socks decorated with snowflakes and hearts

* Lined micro-fibre tights from Primark (I take it all back, Primark, your tights are divine).

* The sepia-coloured sunlight after fog and then rain.

* My Doc Martens are (almost) finally broken-in and are able to be worn without getting horrible blisters or needing blister patches.

* Mulled Wine. Mulled Cider. Green Ginger Wine.


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