Autumn Happiness

Well. I was composing a post in my head on the way here (where’s here, you may ask? I refer you to previous posts and ask whether or not you can’t guess where I am. Different suburb, different drink and snack, but still a Cafe Nero. I swear I’m keeping this chain in business). The post was about how deliciously happy I was feeling. And, I mean, deliciously, delightfully, deliriously happy. The kind of happy that makes you grin at complete strangers in the street and that you can feel bubbling up in your belly and that is enhanced by the silliest things, like, coming to a Cafe Nero and deciding that you really, really want to buy a fruit salad and you want to eat with your fingers like you used to do on family picnics as a child and you do it even though the nice barista gives you cutlery and its awesome.

That’s how happy I was feeling, and then I tried to get the free internet open at the Cafe Nero and the stupid thing wasn’t working and it almost spoiled my good mood.

But, I’m in such a good, good mood that even the free internet screwing up can’t bring me down. That is how happy I am feeling.

There’s really no big reason to point to that would explain this unexpected (and yet seemingly all-encompassing) happiness. There are a few little things. I’m doing the morning shifts at work this weekend, meaning I have the evenings free to see theatre with friends tonight and tomorrow and see Lucinda Williams at the Royal Festival Hall on Sunday. Lucinda also happens to be supported by my new favourite artist, a singer-songwriter by the name of Bhi Bhiman (look him up, he’s awesome), so it’s a double-whammy of live music goodness and its all because I’m starting work at 8am and finishing at 5pm. Joy! (Incidentally, that is the name of a Lucinda Williams song)

Another reason I am delightfully pleased with myself is that I had a mystery guest in the restaurant the other night and she scored me 97%. I’ve been getting congratulations all day long from my managers. I must say that whilst I am almost allergic to KPI’s, I am strangely approving of mystery guests. Maybe its because I get a little score at the end that reminds me of school. Except KPI’s are like that too… Maybe its because KPI’s have no wiggle room often. You make the sale or you don’t, whereas Mystery Guests and Shoppers is all about giving them the impression that you are friendly and confident and making them feel comfortable. These are things I am very good at (apparently) and that makes me happy.

I’ve quit my second job, so I’m feeling a little less pressured time-wise and I also don’t have to arrange cosmetics anymore which also makes me (and the teenage girls of Dulwich who liked to destroy my displays) much, much happier.

I’ve had a couple of little things happen theatre-wise in the past two weeks, a short play of mine, originally written for the Valdez Fringe 24 Hour challenge, was performed in a London pub theatre; I’m making plans for the Brighton Fringe; I made friends with a London director who I’m talking to about one of my newest scripts and I’m back at Tonic, all of which makes me feel better about creative possibilities here in the UK.

I’m also going to say I’m pretty darn happy about the American election result and I don’t care who knows it or that I’m not a US citizen or that Obama’s first term was by no means a resounding success or that he’s going to have a hard time uniting the country or getting anything done with the Senate and the House of Reps the way they are. I’m just really, really happy that he’s president again. And despite the fact that I would feel completely different if the Republicans had won and I was the devastated one, I am enjoying laughing at some of the crazier responses to the re-election. I drew the line at this one though. I tried to laugh, but most of them looked so sad that in the end I would up feeling sorry for them. In a patronising way, of course, ‘cause I consider them to be poor, misguided Republicans, that just need to be ‘re-educated’* so I’m sure they’d hate me for feeling sorry for them, but I just can’t help it.

(* Just in case any Republicans are reading this blog, the use of the phrase ‘re-educated’ was deliberate in an amusing, ironic way in light of what you and yours think of the politics of Obama and his. I’m not ACTUALLY advocating that you all be sent off to work camps and to till the soil until you promise you have changed your collective minds and now believe in everything that Obama stands for. Awesome times. Glad we sorted that out before things got scary.)

But, I think what keeps making me really, really happy is just how beautiful London is in autumn. I wrote a very long list in praise of the cold last year (you can read it here) and then, after I got sick of the cold, I wrote a few posts at the beginning of the year in praise of the Spring (which you can read here). I’m beginning to think I’m just a person with a short-attention span, easily bored and who is really just happiest when things are in the process of changing. There’s something about being on the cusp of something, or just at the start, that is so exciting and refreshing. I love walking in the common at the moment, because every day the trees look different and every day they seem more beautiful than the day before. The late autumn sunlight is so bright and clear and it makes everything look… nostalgic. Maybe its because on autumn afternoons it always seems like the sun is already setting, even if its only 2pm. I’m sure by next January this will be annoying me, but right now it seems sweetly sad in the way of a Passenger song (who is, incidentally, playing on the sound system at my Cafe Nero at the moment).

That’s pretty much all I have to say at the moment. Things are good. Life is good. I’m pretty darn happy for a lot of little reasons. And I hope this post makes up for the appalling effort I made yesterday (you can read it here. But, please don’t. It’s pretty crap. You’ll waste 15 minutes of your life when you could be doing something valuable, like, cutting your toe-nails or organising your recycling).

And, just to top it all off, the free internet at Café Nero just started working again. I repeat: Life is good.

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