I’m trying to blast out a blog post in the last 10 minutes of September, because I’m strange and get weird obsessions about how many blog posts one should complete during a month and as far as I’m concerned, the amount I currently have is NOT SUFFICIENT.

This is a cheeky little post I would have made into something bigger, except I don’t have time. SEPTEMBER IS TICKING AWAY PEOPLE. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK.

But, in good news, I think I have identified the reason I’ve been feeling so unmotivated over the past couple of weeks. Its a small thing that may seem insignificant, however, it has great power. Rather like a breath-mint. Or… I don’t know, a bee.

It is the writing of lists.


See, when I first became unemployed (voluntarily), I wrote lists to ensure that my days had some kind of structure and I didn’t sit around in my PJ’s in front of the log fire reading Harry Potter for 12 hours straight (though, to be fair, sometimes my list consisted of: 1) Start Harry Potter 2) Read Harry Potter 3) Eat chocolate and pretend it came from Honeydukes 4) Read Harry Potter 5) Bed). It worked quite well. Usually I didn’t get everything on my list done in a day, but that was good, because that gave me a starting point for the next list and a reason to get dressed and out of bed on the following day.

Then, when my voluntary unemployment began to become involuntary unemployment I continued the lists to give me a sense of purpose and drive.

But around two weeks ago, the list-writing stopped. It was because I was working so hard on a grant application that there was no time to even write: Monday To-Do List. WRITE GRANT APPLICATION. So, I stopped. And there endeth my motivation. Somewhere in the depths of two weeks ago, I stopped feeling motivated to do anything at all and everything that I did have to do (job applications, first drafts, second drafts, arts applications, washing) suddenly seemed so overwhelmingly large and insurmountable that the thought of getting off my arse and away from ‘Top Pet Model’ was so anxiety inducing that by the time I’d gotten a hold of myself again I needed to have another little lie-down.

But never fear! The list is back.

The most important thing with lists is to make your tasks achievable little chunks. So, instead of, say, writing: ‘Monday To-Do List: Become Gary Barlow.’ You’d write, ‘Monday To-Do List: 1) Investigate X-Factor application process 2) Create sellable and/or likeable and/or teeth-gratingly annoying persona 3) Choose X-Factor audition piece 4) Practice X-Factor audition piece with as many slides and trills and high notes as possible 5) Practice crying on cue.’ Now, you might not get all those things done in one day, but each step is an achievable thing, rather than attempting to become Gary Barlow in one day.

So. Tomorrow’s list includes:
1) Hand in CV’s to local Clapham bars

2) Complete 3 job applications

3) re-write Scene 2 of ‘Hello Hello’ (working title….)

4) two development applications

5) write 3 pages of new radio play

4) re-write scene 2 of Summer Cherries.

So! I can’t wait to get up in the morning. My obsessive-compulsive nature seems to equate making little ticks down a page with creating world peace. If there were a Nobel Peace Prize for list-making I would surely win it.

And with that, I sign off. Unfortunately ten minutes late for my September deadline. So, Happy October everyone!



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