Lost in London

Its been ages, I know, I’m sorry. And then I went and changed the blog address on you all, so if you had happened to think, ‘Oh, I haven’t heard from Jenny in a while and I do enjoy her blog posts so and I just miss her so much, I might go and read back over the ones she wrote last year, just to remind me of how amusing and wonderful a friend she is.’ I mean, I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but maybe you did think that. Or, perhaps you thought instead, ‘God, that Jenny is such a terrible writer, but reading her grammatically-incorrect, self-absorbed and uninteresting blog posts makes me feel better about my own writing skills, so I might go back and look over some of those abuses-of-the-English-language that she wrote last year.’ Either way, you would have gone back to your little bookmark (of COURSE you have my blog bookmarked) and the always-trustworthy internet would have told you the address didn’t exist, or wasn’t right. So, I do apologise if I ruined your morning by not having my blog available. I’m sure you got over it pretty quickly. But, now you know. After a long consultation with my business manager (ie a Skype gossip with my bestie, Erin), we decided that the address had to change. So, as you can see it now has ‘UK’ in the address now too. The only problem is if I continue to travel and then keep adding the new countries into the old address, and then it becomes, like, three lines long.
But, I will with that later. You know, if I move to NY or something… Which I could do.
Anyway… to London. I am loving London. It is a fantastic city with so much going on. I have been doing many things. I have been going to the theatre, the V&A museum, the Tate Modern, out for drinks, out for lunch. I got a free frisbee on Thursday and then watched the Olympic Torch go by Clapham Common with a mate. The other night I stayed out until 4:45am and then took the Night Bus home and watched the sun come up over London. It was awesome.
One of the greatest things anyone can say to me at the moment is, ‘You’ve only been here 3 weeks? Really? You seem like you’ve been here ages!’ That makes me feel hugely superior. I try not to stretch back in my chair and put my hands behind my head, but, believe me, I do that in my mind. ‘Ah, yes,’ I think, ‘Well, I’m just suited to London, I’m such a London person, that, of course, I look like I’ve been here forever.’
Of course, I still have to look like a tourist sometimes. And the most common time is when I’ve come out of a new London tube station, in a new London suburb and attempt to find where I need to go next. I stare at the tiny square map on the wall of the station for 10 minutes, and then I go outside the station and stare at the road for 10 minutes, and then I go back to the map, and then back to the street and then I make a decision about which way I need to turn. I walk up the road for 10 minutes, where I check another map on the side of a bus stand and realise I’ve gone the wrong way. By this time I’m late, so I turn around and run in the opposite direction and then I realise the problem is I’ve actually gone out the wrong exit of the station at which point I run through the station, carefully avoiding the people (or crashing into them) and repeat the process on the other side. Eventually, I end up at the thing that I’m going to, but an hour late, sweaty as all hell and with a confused neighbourhood behind wondering who the slightly-crazed looking red-faced girl is and why she keeps running back and forth in front of them and around in circles muttering to herself.
I went to Manchester last weekend, just because…. well, I’m in England and there was a cheap train ticket and there was something I wanted to see in Manchester, so I went, ‘hell, why not?’ I was actually better at navigating my way around Manchester than I am navigating my way around London, which is… odd. Well, it probably isn’t, but, I was still amused. Make something amusing out of that, would you? I’m distracted by the repeats of Friends that are on the TV and the fact that I really, really, need to get going.
Today, I am heading up to Edinburgh to see my Dad and stepmum, who are over to celebrate Dad’s b’day! Hooray! So, I don’t know that I’ll be writing much more anytime soon. I will try to report back during the week, but we’ll just see how I go.
Apologies for the less than interesting blog post, but at least its nice and short, to fit in between your morning coffee and bagel… or whatever you eat… and I just thought I should write something (anything) before the end of July, give you all the new blog address and, you know, get my blog stats up again, because, as we all know I’m totally obsessed with that.

Tube Map. Not as straightforward as it would at first appear. Found at:http://www.gonative.com/london_tube_map.aspx

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