Unexpected Outcomes of Living by Yourself

1) Incidence of getting dressed in front of the TV news increased tenfold (associated outcome: incidences of thinking, ‘Oh, I’ll just get dressed here, in front of the TV’, whist in someone else’s house, WHILST THEY ARE ALSO AT HOME, have also increased)

2) Increased consumption of podcasts and audiobooks – sound of people’s voices makes it seem like other people are around

3) Incidence of talking to myself/TV/radio has also increased

4) Incidence of singing about things that I am doing and/or eating has also increased. For example, ‘Mush-rooms on tooooaaaassssttt’. Evidently due to the influence of Liz Lemon:

5) Ascribing names and personalities to inanimate objects has increased. Conversation with said objects will clearly be the next step. This is not helped by things like:

You guys all see that too, right?

6) Taking pictures of the same view day after day, because its ‘sooooo beautiful’, and like, ‘there’s no one here to share it with!’ So, you have to RECORD said beautiful thing, to save it up for the next time you see a person and force them to look at it. Exhibit A:


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One response to “Unexpected Outcomes of Living by Yourself

  1. that is a beautiful view! thanks for forcing us to see it 😛

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