Cute Things Said by Little Man Today

I haven’t done one of these for Little Man, and I really should because today is our last day together. Well, at least, today is the last official, full day as au-pair anyway. Still have 3 hours tomorrow night and 3 hours on Monday morning, but they will be easy as he will be asleep and/or at school the majority of the time on those days.
Anyway, he had some great ones today.
This morning, I heard him in the hall crying out that there was a buzzy bee, and I should catch it for him. I told him, in no uncertain terms, that there was no way I was catching a bee. We’d just leave it alone, and he’d leave us alone. Little Man didn’t much like that idea, so next I hear is him yelling at the buzzy bee, ‘Go Away! Go Away! Get out of my house! You don’t live here! Come another day! Go away!’ Thinking this was a recipe for disaster, I went out to the hall to try and placate Little Man and, more importantly, the buzzy bee. But, when I went out, I found there was nothing in the hall. Just Little Man, waving his arms about. I laughed and said there was no buzzy bee and went back into the kitchen. But, I could still hear him, calling out in the hall, telling the bee to go. So, I come out again and have a better look in the hallway. Its then that I notice he is waving his arms into the shaft of sunlight coming through the square of glass in the door. Of course, the sunlight catches all the dust particles that are flying around in the hair and I finally twig. He’s calling the dust ‘buzzy bees’. I laughed again, and explained that they weren’t bees, it was just dust. He then decided to try and get the dust out of the house, so opened the door and started calling out, ‘Out you go! Out you go! Out of my house! Get out! Out now!’ And, because the shaft of sunlight was now a great pouring out of sun, it looked like all the dust had actually left, so he closed the door, very pleased with himself, thinking he’d gotten rid of all the dust. He was more than a little upset when he turned around and saw all the dust again.
Hmm… what else? I’m saving the best til last, so you’d better keep reading. I was leaning over, changing Baby Brother’s nappy, and my shirt rode up, showing more of my backside then I would like, and Little Man put his feet onto my back and goes, ‘Putty Bum! Roly, poly, putty bum!’ If he was any older, I would be hugely insulted, but I couldn’t help laughing (and, to be honest, I had to agree with him…)
He turned to me in the middle of ‘Postman Pat’ and says, ‘I love Postman Pat. Do you love Postman Pat?’ I agreed that I did. He then says, ‘And I love Fireman Sam. Do you love Fireman Sam?’ Yes, yes, of course I also love Fireman Sam. ‘And I love Postman Pat. Do you love Postman Pat?’ etc.
I told him Baby Brother was upstairs having a nap. He replied, ‘No he’s not! He’s in Australia! He walked to Australia!’ Then, he was zipping up his jumper and he says, ‘This is the car’ (referring to the part of the zipper that moves) and then, ‘And this is the road. It goes all the way to Australia.’ Later, we were looking at his World Map and he was asking me the names of all the countries (by the way, the way he says ‘Amster-DAM’ and ‘Lohn-dohn’ are the cutest things in the entire world). He then told me one of his cousins had used to live in China and the other in Russia.
But, my favourite quotes were surrounding the toilet. See, Little Man is toilet trained, but he needs help if he does a poo. So, I was hanging outside the toilet, ready to help him and I hear him calling out, ‘Come on, poo! You can do it!’ Which was one of the most hysterical things I’ve ever heard. It was soon topped, however, when I went in to help him and was taking a little longer than he would have liked and he says, ‘Is there a lot of poo?’ I agreed that there was. He sighed, rolled his eyes and grumbled, ‘I can’t stay here all day.’ Which basically had me laughing hysterically on the bathroom tiles
But, you’re right, Little Man, you’re right. You can’t stay there all day.



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3 responses to “Cute Things Said by Little Man Today

  1. And, I probs should have clarified… when I say, 'Help him', I mean, I had to wipe his bottom. Not, you know, help him push or anything…

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