New Experiences in Kinsale

Here is a list of awesome things that I have done/can do because I now live in Kinsale.

1) Walk home past “Millionaire’s Mile”, where *apparently* one member of U2 has a house.
2) Walk home in the pitch black night past a graveyard. This is where ghost stories start.
3) Walk home in the pitch black with a torch, just like on school camp
4) Walk home, skipping, because its pitch black and no-one can see you
5) Walk home, singing very passionately along to your iPod, because its pitch black and no-one else is about. 
6) Walk home in the pitch black and look back over the lights of Kinsale
7) Walk home, slightly tipsy from red wine, on a Sunday evening after having gone to a trad. session just 20 minutes down the road, and made friends with the musicians (one of whom’s mother is from Hobart), and some middle-aged Irish people about to visit Australia 
8) Walk to the end of the road. Its the end of the road, because it finishes at cliffs that fall into the Celtic Sea.
9) Walk to the ruins of a medieval fort.
10) Walk to a cafe that has 10 different types of hot chocolate!
11) Walk to Kinsale and watch the tiny sails on little boats in pretty patterns on the water along the way.
12) Walk to the bus to Cork and not have it take most of the morning.
13) Walk up a hill called ‘Breakheart Hill’
14) Walk to my friends’ house
15) Have all my hair chopped off (ok, I could have done that in Bandon, but the fact is, I did it in Kinsale)
16) Buy a cape. A woolen cape. A black woolen cape with a white belt.
17) Go to a stationary store called ‘Paperworks’. This place will, over the next 7 months, take all my money. All of it.
18) Buy fudge. Good fudge. Good fudge with flavours like ‘Lemon Meringue Pie’ and ‘Strawberries and Cream’.

Yep. Kinsale is pretty awesome.


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