One More Day to Go

Only one more day of NYWM. Thank christ. Much as I have enjoyed it, and sometimes it has helped me to write some good posts, a lot of the time (especially recently, when I’ve been very busy), its been quite stressful. For whatever reason, maybe because I set myself a reasonably easy goal (it doesn’t require a lot of thought to do do a blog post every day, though it does take some time), I saw it through, when I’ve failed at things like Scriptfrenzy (which require a more dedicated and focused through-line on completing one script. Even though they tell us it doesn’t have to be any good, I find it difficult to keep writing a script if there are problems with the structure, characters or writing in the early parts. I do need to get over this, because it makes it very difficult to finish things and get to the second draft stage. I have a pile of scripts on my desktop in various states of unfinished-ness. I believe this is what is called ‘procrastination’) I’ve failed at. Anyway, that was a long set of brackets. Worthy of an academic article. Did you even remember what was at the beginning of the sentence by the time the brackets were closed? I didn’t. I started on the next sentence without finishing the last.
Yes, what a segue. What was I talking about? I’m wrecked. I’ve had the little one all day for the past three days because she’s finished school and its pretty exhausting. She’s come up with a neat way of getting around my excuse of ‘not being able’ to do something, which is to tell me I ‘need to practice’. She said it to me today when I couldn’t do a somersault, which is hysterical, because its what I always tell her and her sister if they throw a tantrum about not being able to do something. So, of course, I had to take my own medicine and attempt a somersault. I put down many sofa cushions before I agreed to do it though, believe you me.
Anyway, the point I was trying to make was about NYWM. I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed posting this much, and I’m proud of how my blog looks now. I don’t know if the quality of the posts for everyone else has increased, but I’ve certainly enjoyed the month, and I like that I’ve got a very random but in someways more complete version of my experience here because of it.
I don’t know if I will keep up the daily posts into July (for one thing I’m going to be much busier with the girls and a lot more travelling, and I do have to focus on my friggin’ Melbourne Fringe and Wexford Fringe show. God, I’m having heart palpitations just thinking about it. If you want to follow the progress on that one, I’ve set up another blog – I know, I’m obsessed – which is doubling as the show website here: ), but I hope that I can at least do some more regular posting than I had done. I do like to look at the list of blog posts for June (April looks pathetic in comparison). It gives me such a feeling of satisfaction and production.
So, thank you NYWM for a wonderful month, even if I wasn’t technically the right age to participate. 


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