Cute Things Said by the Little One Today

I could create a whole blog just with these quotes, but today had some real corkers:

* She said to me, completely unprompted, ‘You’re my best friend’. 

* Her bike has had its wheel broken for a while, and we’ve been telling her that we would ‘get the man’ to fix it, meaning the man in the bike store. This morning, when I woke up, she told me ‘Her man’ had fixed the bike.

* She informed me that her classmate, Michael, a real favourite with her, was Spiderman. And that he went ‘whoosh’ with accompanying arm movements.

* She told me to push her on the swing ‘as high as the clouds’. When I told her I wasn’t strong enough, she said ‘Try!’

* When she was pushing her bike around the house, she got tired and stopped. She sat there, looking miserable, until I asked her what was wrong. She said, ‘I need batteries, Jenny, I need batteries.’ I mimed putting batteries into her bike and she was off again. Later, when we found a plastic toy of hers that the dog had bitten the head off, she said, ‘Is broken, Jenny.’ I said, ‘Yes’. She said, ‘We need to fix it.’ I said, ‘We can’t.’ She said, ‘Batteries?’

* When we went into the supermarket, I noticed that she had a scratch down her face, and I told her the cat had scratched her. She then proceeded to tell EVERYONE in the store, down the street, in the library, that the cat had scratched her, it had really hurt, she had cried lots, the cat was very mean, and she had yelled at it and thrown it out of the house, when 15 minutes earlier she hadn’t even noticed.

* She saw it was raining. Little One: ‘Its raining, Jenny!’ Me: ‘Yes!’ Little One: ‘Why?’ Me: ‘Good question…’ 

* When we went to the woods this morning, she was so excited she did what I know as her ‘crazy laugh’. Its seemed very familiar and I think I finally figured out what it reminded me of. Its this:

Which she does, all the way into the woods, and then turns around, runs back to me, throws herself at my upper thighs, looks into my face and laughs like this again. Its hysterical.


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