What Turns You On?

Attempting to come up with ideas for an article for Vibewire, which I am rapidly running out of time to write. I don’t know if I will write it in the end, but anyway, it makes up another NYWM post.

Here is a list:

left-wing politics
a compost heap (ooh, yeah, baby, let me see your compost heap…)
guitar skills
deep voices
accents and/or knowledge of a different language (think John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘A Fish Called Wanda’)
one or two well-placed and unique tattoos (one that means something to you, not just some hindi letters that you thought might look deep because it was in a different language)
a man holding a baby. even hotter is a man holding a baby with a tattoo (on the man not the baby!)
the ability and desire to speak/write in grammatically correct sentences
a bicycle (but not bicycle clothes)
dark hair with blue eyes
a newspaper or a book (see http://hotguysreadingbooks.tumblr.com/ ooh, there’s a guy on the first page at the moment with a beard, glasses, a tattoo and a book! I wonder if he has a deep voice and an accent or owns a bicycle???), preferably being read whilst sitting at an outdoor table at a funky little cafe. 
soccer players
a love of British comedy and the ability to pick up on random Monty Python/Eddie Izzard/Black Adder/Black Books quotes that are dropped, without explanation, into conversation
extensive travel miles
chopping wood for a fire (look at my biological instincts jumping in – look after me! build me shelter! find me food!)

And a corresponding what turns you off list. Not strictly necessary, but I think its possibly more interesting:

Guys who use ‘lol’ (you are not a 13-year old girl wearing Cherry Chapstick. Apologies to all male friends who use ‘lol’)
Too much Lynx deodorant (I am no longer a 13-year old girl wearing Cherry Chapstick)
Shiny tracksuit pants with the buttons up the side. Especially when worn to the pub or a restaurant.
Too much hair product (I shouldn’t have to wash my hands if I touch your hair).
Communicating via grunts (see above).
shirts that are too clean and crisp, teeth that are too white, a smile that is too wide. I don’t want to date people off Colgate ads.

I don’t know if that helped, but its a start, I suppose.

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