Two posts for NYWM

I haven’t posted for NYWM for the last couple of days, and that’s because I just couldn’t bear to look at my computer screen anymore. In fact, the thought of looking at my computer screen made me want to break my computer screen, and as I very much like my MacBook and paid a lot of money for it, I decided I would, instead, take a break from blogging.
The thought of writing anything at all, also made me feel pretty grumpy, so I took yesterday off, and watched TV, and went to the supermarket, and just chilled out and it was great. But, I am determined to fulfill my NYWM promise, so I have done some ‘creative’ posts this afternoon. But, once again, staring at my blog didn’t fill me with any inspiration, so I decided to actually write out my creative posts and photo them this time.
So, here is the first one. I was also kind of sick of words, so I wrote with pictures instead.

And, then I wrote this one, which was a thought I had in my head on the weekend. I attempted to turn it into a longer piece and to imagine what a slow food restaurant would be like, but it was kind of dumb, so I decided it was a one thought post. I put the attempts at a longer story in the photo too, so you can see that I’m not lying to you 🙂 

So, there are 2 posts from the last 2 days. I am up-to-date. Except for today’s post as well. I’ll get to it, I promise.


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