Another post! Argghhhhh….

This was a stupid idea. Blogging every day. Something ‘creative’. What kind of bullshit is that? I mean, really? Something, ‘creative’. What a wank. I’m sick of this. No-one’s even paying me. PAY ME STUFF. The blog posts are boring. Well, they are to me. I don’t have really cool drawings like this girl does:

Which is a really, really cool website with wonderful (hilarious) whimsical drawings and great stories and it is truly ‘creative’ and I have my crappy little blogspot blog with my google image search photos.


Be warned. I’m going into existential crisis mode again.

I just need an exercise. Any writing exercise. Anyone got an idea? Preferably something quick and easy. Acrostic poetry. Now there is a good, quick and easy exercise. There’s something you can shoot off in 5 minutes and feel like a writer and feel productive and slightly smug about your amazing powers of production and blah, blah, blah.

But, I’ve already done acrostic poetry.

Ooh. Ok, I’ve just gone back to the Emerging Writers Festival website and they’ve given me a great exercise. Ok, ok, oks. Let me get some paper.

Its another food-related post. This is insane. Am I always hungry, or do I just never think about anything else except food?

So, the exercise was to write ‘I remember, I forget, I remember, I forget,’ all the way down a page, leaving space for a comment in between. The remembers were very easy. The forgets weren’t. It seemed a contradiction in terms to try and remember what you’ve forgotten. Anyway, interesting exercise, and I like the pattern and the structure. I like patterns and structures. I’m a little OCD. As well as being a perfectionist. Oh the joys of being me.

ANYWAY. Here is the exercise:

‘I remember
Asking Mum to make me cheese & lettuce sandwiches and thinking I was grown-up because I wanted to eat ‘vegetables’ at school. But,
I’ve forgotten
Every single meal Mum ever cooked me. But,
I remember,
She made a gingerbread fairytale castle once for our American Christmas and she was the coolest mother on the block. But,
I’ve forgotten
What it tasted like. I can’t remember if I even ate any, but,
I remember
Her, standing over it, in a candy-striped dress, grinning madly and so proudly.
I’ve forgotten
if I liked the food Mum made me, but
I remember
I hated the food Dad made me (that is, until he discovered Chicken Satay and Beef with Black Bean Sauce).
I’ve forgotten
How to stop eating when I’m full, but,
I remember
I used to be able to do it.
I’ve forgotten
Everything I ever knew about diets and losing weight.
Well, I wish I had.’



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2 responses to “Another post! Argghhhhh….

  1. so i do love hyperboleandahalf, but i forgot about it for like three months. and she doesn't really update enough.. 😛 i check for YOUR posts every day, and am always rewarded 🙂

  2. ah, you're too nice laura 🙂 glad you are enjoying them, hope all is well back home

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