Please Knock Loudly

I’ve been doing some writing for NYWM, despite being in the wilds of Scotland for the weekend. So, here is my contribution from 03/06/11. I was amused by a sign outside a house on the Isle of Skye, which said, ‘Please Knock Loudly’, and I started to think of all the reasons someone might need you to knock loudly.

Please Knock Loudly
We’re working out the back,
We’ve only just bought the place,
And its not more than a shack.

We’re taking out the windows
And the kitchen and the loo,
We’re banging and we’re yelling
And we just might not hear you.

Please Knock Loudly
We’re up in baby’s room,
He’s teething and sounds just like
A wolf, howling at the moon.

He’s crying fire and brimstone,
And shooting out green spleen,
So, if you don’t knock loudly,
We won’t hear above his screams.

Please Knock Loudly,
The kids are running wild,
They’re playing cops & robbers
And they’re getting good & riled.

They’re really little angels,
Well, that is, most the time,
The point is, please knock loudly,
They’re not in bed ’til nine.

Please Knock Loudly,
We’ve got the telly on,
The boys WILL watch their matches,
And yell ’til their voice is gone.

I must say, I don’t get it,
But Joe really loves the games,
So, I sit and I watch patiently,
While he screams out unkown names.

Please Knock Loudly,
I’m upstairs with my Joe,
The machines are rather noisy,
And their buzzing only grows.

You won’t know him when you see him,
He’s a completely different man,
But he’d really love to see you,
So knock as loudly as you can.

Please Knock Loudly,
I so often miss the door,
Its hard to hear, with my old ears,
Sounds softer than a roar.

I rarely leave the house now,
Its hard to walk too far,
So, I’m always glad of visitors…
You know, I’ll just leave the door ajar.


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