First National Young Writers Month post

Ok, I’m cheating a little, its not meant to start until tomorrow, but its already tomorrow in Australia, and I want to get started because I’ve been stressing about a Melbourne Fringe application all evening and now I’m hyped up and anxious and need to do something to keep myself busy and from eating the house.

I’m doing an acrostic poem, as suggested on the Emerging Writers Festival website.

Raw food.
Weighing myself every day
Even though
I know
Gorging on chocolate the night before
Halts the ‘fat burning process’,

That was quite fun. I’m going to try another.

Is it
Really that special?
Everyone else is
Leaving for
Nobody really likes
Dublin. Not really.

HA! I want to write another!

Jolly jumping jelly-cakes,
Ever anxious, finger-biting,
Not her brother,
Not her mother,
I am
Far less talented, successful, attractive or
Exciting than them both.

Like, what am I really doing here anyway? I mean, really?
Nervous now?

Want a life
In-between the ho-hum duldrums of the life I have to live through is 
Maybe-world and a multi-coloured, hyper-active, ever-changing

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with my blog post.

Ooh, got a bit wanky there. But, what fun! Next activity/post comes tomorrow.

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